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Theme: Breakup Coach
Date: Service

*Breaking up is hard to do. Making a clean break is even harder. You definitely don’t want to be stuck in relationship limbo, where feelings linger, but neither side has completely moved on.

Rachael and Smith's Breakup Coach can help you navigate the emotional complexities of a breakup, and set you on the right course to be a better version of yourself. Some of the questions we will address:

1. When should you break up? How do you do it nicely?
2. Should you stay in touch or befriend him/her?
3. What is the best way to move on?

The hardest part to process is the loss of identity as a person in a relationship. The stronger you are and the healthier you are and the higher your self-esteem is, the better positioned you are to enter future relationships from a place of strength.

Coaching Guideline:

1. Encourage you to start working out, build a new social circle and study mindfulness
2. Encourage you to grieve your relationship and to allow yourself to understand your feelings
3. Learn to appreciate how one has grown from the relationship and the breakup
4. Guide you through a post-breakup home cleanse, work as an intermediary when it comes to the painful exchange of once-shared goods, and even help you secure transitional housing
5. Craft playlists for you based on the three key emotional phases of a breakup: “weepy/teary”, “the fire” and “empowerment and peace”
6. Provide some helpful tips on why you might have trouble sleeping or eating and what you can do better
7. Send you relevant articles, explain the science behind how you’re feeling and encourage you to journal your thoughts
8. Remind you that you are not alone and that your feelings aren’t abnormal, (we are available to you at all hours)
9. Help you reflect on what you’ve learned in your relationship, how you’ve grown, and what you could have done differently. That is how you come out stronger on the other side.